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Crazy Lens

0.99 usd

Crazy Lens is a photo transformation application for your Android powered mobile device. Take any of your images and apply any one of five crazy effects and then save the result to your sd card.Choose from the following effects
Vortex - an effect similar to works by the artist MC Escher, and also referred to as the Droste effect, this effect rotates the image using 2 different radii from the center of the photo. The application settings start with defaults for the two values, but allow you to change them to something that works for you.
Pixellate - achieve a cool retro gaming 8 bit style photo by enlarging sections of your photo into larger "pixels" - This effect is customizable to give you a larger degree (or smaller degree) of pixellation.
Inverse - an effect thats similar to a reverse negative.
Grayscale - convert any full color image to a classy grayscale look.
Mirror - creates an imaginary dividing line across the center of your image, and mirrors everything on to the opposite site. You can either choose to have that imaginary line cut horizontally across your image or vertically down the image.
Finally there is also a UV Filter transform - that just displays an untouched version of your image for comparison purposes.